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EMF operated on the fringes of baggy in the early '90s, cultivating a hyperactive, sample-ridden dance-rock hybrid that sounded vaguely related to the cacophonic racket of Madchester but emphasized heavier drumbeats as well as a stronger hip-hop influence. The latter may be the reason that EMF became one of the few British groups of their era to leapfrog across the Atlantic, scoring a number one hit in America with "Unbelievable," a psychedelic dance-rock single that peaked just months before Nirvana released Nevermind. The grunge revolution hit EMF particularly hard. They were shut out of American radio and soon the U.K. became engulfed in Britpop, leaving the group to sing novelties with comedians Reeves and Mortimer in 1995. EMF disbanded soon afterward, but they proceeded with reunions in the 2000s, finally rallying for a proper comeback in 2022 with the release of Go Go Sapiens.

Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England

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