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Known at an early stage as the Academy, Elliot Minor formed in York, England, in an attic flat in 2005. Friends and students Alex Davies and Ed Minton joined up with drummer Dan Heatherton, keyboardist Ali Paul, and bassist Teddy Heatherton to flesh out existing recordings and take their rock sounds to the people. Within a few months, the band won a recording deal with Repossession Records, and recorded its first single, "Parallel Worlds," in Los Angeles in late 2006. Released in spring of 2007, "Parallel Worlds" was a minor hit, entering the charts at number 31. Four more single releases followed -- "Jessica," "The White One Is Evil," "Still Figuring Out," and a re-release of "Parallel Worlds" -- as well as a national tour. In late 2007, it was announced that 2008 -- April to be exact -- would see the release of Elliot Minor's first album, simply titled Elliot Minor. ~ Chris True

    York, England

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