Edward Miller

About Edward Miller

Miller was an English organist and composer who studied with Charles Burney after leaving home. In the 1750s he was playing flute with the Handel Oratorio orchestra and became the organist for Doncaster in 1756. He was an important influence upon the musical life of the Doncaster area and the region of East Anglia, even directing the Sheffield Festival of 1788. Miller earned the Doctor of Music degree from Cambridge University and has been characterized, as simple, warm and philanthropic despite his education. "Elements of Thorough Bass and Composition" was published in 1787 and was quite pragmatic in its approach, containing numerous examples for the performer. Comaparable to this work was Miller's "Institutes of Music" which could be read and utilized as a primer for beinners. "The Psalms of David" was intended to reformulate the rhythms of the psalmody and holds the tunes of "Rockingham" and "Galway." Miller wrote approximately three hundred different tunes for hymns selected by Wesley. The instrumental pieces which Miller composed include flute solos, harpsichord sonatas, and organ voluntaries. ~ Keith Johnson