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Balancing cosmic psychedelic sounds with no wave angularity, Titus Andronicus guitarist Peter Feigenbaum started recording music as Dinowalrus in 2003. What started as a half-baked side project took wings three years later, when Feigenbaum met bassist Kyle Warren at a To Live and Shave in LA party. Realizing a shared love for future-minded bands of the past (particularly, Can, Chrome, DNA, and PiL), the two paired up to make music of the droney dance variety, using a drum machine and a computer rig. In 2008, drummer Josh Da Costa joined, and Dinowalrus began playing live sets around Brooklyn, making a name with their stage show, which involved instrument swapping, improvisation, and skronky thrift store electronics. After Dinowalrus self-released two 7" records, Kanine Records released the trio's experimental debut full length %, pronounced percent, in January of 2010. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Brooklyn, NY