About Crumb

The members of indie-rock quartet Crumb (Lila Ramani, guitar/vocals; Jesse Brotter, bass; Bri Aronow, keyboards; Jonathan Gilad, drums) first met while attending Tufts University. They formed the band to flesh out songs Ramani had written in high school and college.

∙ Without the benefit of a professional label, manager, or booking agent, Crumb’s self-titled 2016 debut EP and 2017 follow-up, Locket, garnered millions of streams.
Pitchfork included Crumb’s debut LP, Jinx, on their Best Rock Albums of 2019 list.
∙ Actor David Patrick Kelly, who played Jerry Horne in Twin Peaks and Luther in cult classic The Warriors, stars in the music video for “Nina,” a track from 2019’s Jinx.
- They released their second album, Ice Melt, in 2021.

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