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Argentinean graphic artist Sebastián Litmanovich began making recordings under the name of Cineplexx in 1997 following a life-altering stint in New York City, during which Litmanovich started his first band, the Amarena Incident. A prolific artist, Litmanovich released four albums (Comprimido, Posologia, Electrocardiograma, and Capacidad Maxima: 1 Persona) over the course of the next six years in addition to working on graphic design projects. These albums were radically different from his later work, composed of subdued, hermetic swaths of electronic noise. By the time his 2003 mini-album Pequenos Accidentes Dommesticos rolled around, however, Litmanovich's songs had more or less abandoned their remote artsiness and had transformed into acoustic and synth-driven indie pop tunes rooted in the rainbow-tinted daydreams of bands like the Flaming Lips and Magnetic Fields. Working out of his design studio in Barcelona, Litmanovich spent the next few years playing live gigs throughout Europe and putting together a new batch of sweet, dreamy pop material, which culminated in 2006's Restar. Litmanovich teamed up with a posse of high-profile indie types for his 2008 release, Picnic; the album featured appearances by Jad Fair, the BMX Bandits' Duglas Stewart, Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake, and Federico Aubele.
The next Cineplexx album added '80s synth pop to his style palette and featured contributions from Lupe Nuñez of Amor de Días, Stu Kidd from BMX Bandits, and Camera Obscura's Nigel Baillie. Perfume was released in 2012 by Nuevahola Records. Around this time, Litmanovich started remixing tracks by other artists like Stealing Sheep, BMX Bandits, Conveyor, and Enrique Iglesias. In 2013, Cineplexx released Magenta, an album of covers of songs by artists like Broadcast, Elliott Smith, Saint Etienne, and of course, the BMX Bandits. The mostly faithful versions of indie pop songs did little to prepare listeners for Litmanovich's next creative left turn. Arriving in 2014, Florianopolis delved deeply into disco and Afro-funk. The record featured guest appearances by Linda Mirada, Lillies of Mars, and Ana Montiel. Never one to repeat himself, Litmanovich retreated a little from the disco on the next Cineplexx album, with 2016's Espejos adding sleek '80s pop to the mix while also branching out into traditional Latin ballads. ~ Tim Sendra

    Barcelona, Spain
  • BORN
    13 March 1973

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