About CFO$

∙ Mike Lauri and John Alicastro of the songwriting and production duo CFO$ began making music together while in high school on Long Island.
∙ Unable to find bandmates, they became multi-instrumentalists and mastered recording-studio technology so they could produce their own recordings, at first under the name Kromestatik.
∙ Their debut, “The Night,” was used as the theme song for WWE Raw 1000, and they have written themes for such wrestling stars as Kane, Sasha Banks, and Seth Rollins.
∙ CFO$ hit No. 1 on the iTunes Soundtrack Top Songs chart with their themes for wrestlers Shinsuke Nakamura (“The Rising Sun”) and Bobby Roode (“Glorious Domination”).
∙ From 2017 to 2019, NHL’s Washington Capitals played the duo’s “Combative (Oney Lorcan)” as the team’s goal song.
∙ Snoop Dogg appears on the 2020 remix of their theme song for Sasha Banks, “Sky’s the Limit.”
∙ In addition to their wrestling-music songbook, the pair have worked with Goo Goo Dolls, Scott Stapp, and O.A.R.