About Cavetown

Cavetown is the indie pop project of Robin Skinner, a Cambridge-based musician who first rose to success as a teenager in the mid-2010s with his popular Cavetown YouTube channel, where he covered popular songs on ukulele and uploaded his own material. By 2018, Skinner had established himself as a popular D.I.Y. singer/songwriter with several independently released albums to his credit, including the breakout hit Lemon Boy.
Born in Oxford to a musical family, he moved to Cambridge at the age of eight, where his father became a Fellow and Director of Music at Cambridge University. Skinner's own musical talents were apparent at a young age, and by 2013 he'd begun writing and recording his own songs out of his bedroom studio. He launched his Cavetown YouTube channel in 2014, and began releasing singles and albums via his Bandcamp page the following year. Following the viral success of 2015's "This Is Home" single, he released Cavetown's self-titled debut album later that year. A mix of warm, melodic bedroom pop that ran the gamut from gentle ukulele ballads to lo-fi indie rock, he returned in 2016 with his second full-length, 16/04/16. Simultaneously recording new studio songs and maintaining his popular YouTube channel, Skinner experienced somewhat of a breakout with his next album, 2018's quirky and more expansive Lemon Boy. He quickly followed with the "Animal Kingdom" project, releasing five split singles into 2019. The installments -- "Sandy," "Comet," "Ash," "Shells," and "Jackson" -- were later compiled onto a single mixtape. Skinner's first Cavetown release of the next decade was the Sweet Tooth EP. ~ Timothy Monger

    Oxford, England
  • BORN
    15 December 1998