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A superior bop trumpeter inspired by Don Fagerquist, Carl Saunders has long been one of the top jazz soloists based in Los Angeles, but has recorded far too infrequently to gain the fame he deserves. As a teenager, he played with Stan Kenton (1960) and his uncle Bobby Sherwood (Dave Pell is also an uncle). Saunders picked up experience touring with Benny Goodman, Charlie Barnet, Harry James, Buddy Rich, and Maynard Ferguson (1967), and played regularly in show bands in Las Vegas until moving to Los Angeles in 1984. Since then, Saunders has worked in the studios, performed with the new Dave Pell Octet, popped up in many local big bands, and finally, in 1995, recorded a CD of his own for the small S&L label. ~ Scott Yanow

Las Vegas, NV
2 Aug 1943