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Keansburg, New Jersey drummer Chris LoPorto formed the upbeat indie rock quartet Can't Swim in 2015, moving away from the role of drummer he'd played in countless bands, instead trying out the position of lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter in his new project. The band was filled out by friends Danny Rico on drums, bassist Greg McDevitt, and second guitarist Mike Sanchez, breathing life into LoPorto's anthemic emo-pop compositions. Can't Swim worked on recordings before playing live and quickly delivered their debut EP, Death Deserves a Name, in early 2016. Much of the year was spent on tour, and after playing the songs in a live setting, the bandmembers realized their shows needed more guitar to convey the intensity of their recordings. Rico switched to third guitarist and Andrea Morgan took over as drummer. The band released its first full-length, Fail You Again, in March of 2017, followed by a sophomore effort, This Too Won't Pass, in late 2018. ~ Fred Thomas