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About Candlewick Green

This pop band from Liverpool, England, had one UK Top 30 hit in 1974 with Who Do You Think You Are. They came to the notice of the mass public after appearing on the UK television talent show Opportunity Knocks. They were audience winners for eight weeks. Comprising Jimmy Nunnen (bass), Terry Webb (vocals), Alan Leyland (drums), Lennie Coswell and Andy Ball (keyboards), they started their career in 1973 with the Decca Records single Doggie. This was followed by Sunday Kinda Monday, before the aforementioned hit. Subsequent releases Leave A Little Love and Everyday Of My Life rapidly disappeared, with their authors following their fate soon afterwards. Their numerous live radio appearances on BBC radio programmes such as those hosted by David Hamilton did little to enhance their credibility and put them firmly in the middle of the road, with no audience. Saint Etienne covered their lone hit in 1993. Candlewick Green continued performing until 2002 when they officially retired.