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From social media figure to full-fledged country artist, California-based singer/songwriter Bryan Lanning built a loyal audience in the late 2000s alongside his wife with their family-centered streaming channel, which notched billions of views within a decade. Outside of the digital realm, he also began releasing music, including his inspirational debut LP, Us (2017). In 2020, Lanning branched out into a fresh arena, recording his first country album, Same Town.
In the early days of Lanning's career in the public eye, he was best known as one-half of an online video-blog duo with his wife, Missy. Together they host the YouTube series Daily Bumps, which chronicles the young Christian couple, their ups and downs with pregnancy, and their children. For the series, Lanning composed lullabies for their sons Oliver and Finley, as well as family-oriented songs for their fans. Five uplifting and inspirational tunes were collected and released in early 2016 as his debut EP, Like a Lion. It included the empowering and anthemic single "Like a Lion" and the heartfelt "Oliver's Lullaby," a tender ode to Bryan and Missy's first child. He quickly followed the EP release with the single "This Is Home," which was featured on his 2017 debut full-length, Us.
In 2020, Lanning debuted a new country sound, inspired by his humble upbringing in the mountains of Idaho with his sister and mother. That set, Same Town, featured the singles "Hey!" and "Golden State of Mind." ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    San Diego, CA
  • BORN
    20 January 1990