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Even if judged solely on his contributions as a producer for David Bowie, U2, Devo, Talking Heads and Coldplay, Brian Eno’s influence on popular music is enormous. Yet his achievements as a self-professed “non-musician” music-maker are just as significant. Born in 1948 in a village in Suffolk, Eno studied visual art and experimental music before combining his interests and ambitions as a member of Roxy Music. After two albums with Bryan Ferry’s trailblazing glam avant-pop group, Eno showed his own flair for left-field rock with 1974’s Here Come the Warm Jets, a solo debut that fizzed with ideas and musical surprises. A very different exercise that was released the following year, Discreet Music established the unconventional approach to sound and space that made him both a pioneer of ambient music and a lifelong innovator. It can be argued that Eno’s greatest gift as a producer was not the spacey, echo-drenched aesthetic he and longtime collaborator Daniel Lanois developed on albums like U2’s The Unforgettable Fire; it was the way he encouraged his often famous clients to join him in thinking of new ways to do things. Eno’s dozens of solo and collaborative recordings demonstrate the effectiveness of his strategies, with later works like Someday World—an exuberant 2014 partnership with Underworld’s Karl Hyde—and Mixing Colours, a gorgeous 2020 recording with his brother, the composer and pianist Roger Eno—proving to be as fascinating as they are hard to classify.

    Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
  • BORN
    15 May 1948

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