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About Black Pus

Black Pus is the solo project of Lightning Bolt drummer and visual artist Brian Chippendale. The project began in 2005 as a home-recording experiment, Chippendale layering his frenetic drum style with multi-tracks of free jazz saxophone. The end result of these recordings was a series of Black Pus CD-R releases beginning in early 2006. While still dedicating a good deal of his time to touring and recording with Lightning Bolt, Chippendale began working more on the Black Pus project, eventually playing live shows and issuing several smaller-scale releases. By 2011, Chippendale had refined his approach to playing solo and dropped the jazz-based instrumentation, opting instead to complement his bombastic drumming and garbled vocal style with drum-mounted electronics that produced dark and noisy frequencies. The first proper full-length, Primordial Pus, employed this new sound and was released in 2011 on Providence, Rhode Island label Load Records. Chippendale followed in 2013 with All My Relations, the most well-produced document of his often caustic sounds to date, released this time on Thrill Jockey Records. ~ Fred Thomas

Providence, Rhode Island

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