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With Black Grape, Shaun Ryder expands the psychedelic dance-rock of his former band the Happy Mondays, buttressing their pop smarts and adding a heavier hip-hop influence thanks to the presence of rapper Kermit. These shifts in style helped make the group's 1995 debut It's Great When You're Straight…Yeah feel at home in the heady days of Britpop, leading to the Top Ten hits "Reverend Black Grape," "In the Name of the Father," and "Fat Neck." Black Grape's implosion coincided with the commercial collapse of Britpop. Stupid Stupid Stupid, their second album, slid down the charts in 1998, and the band split up not long afterward. Ryder and Kermit revived Black Grape in the mid-2010s, releasing Pop Voodoo in 2017. It wasn't a one-off: the group released Orange Head in 2023.

Manchester, England

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