About Angelfish

Primarily known as the band that got Shirley Manson first noticed (and eventually recruited) by Garbage, Angelfish was a short-lived project created by former members of the Scottish group Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. Although Manson played a limited role in that band (consigned mostly to keyboards and backing vocal duties), she quickly assumed the role of lead singer and frontwoman of Angelfish. Meanwhile, guitarist (and former Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie singer) Martin Metcalf, bassist Fin Wilson, and drummer Derek Kelly took somewhat of a back seat to Manson's blooming persona. It wasn't long before her charisma soon became the group's centerpiece; Manson's image alone was featured on the cover of Angelfish's self-titled debut album, and she became the primary subject of the band's music videos. Although wide success escaped the quartet, their videos managed to receive some limited airplay on MTV's alternative program, 120 Minutes. It was on this very program that renowned producers Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, and Steve Marker happened to catch an airing of Angelfish's video for "Suffocate Me." Still needing someone to front the group they were forming, and intrigued by Manson's unmistakable presence, a phone call was soon placed to Manson. During a break on Angelfish's North American tour, Manson took a brief detour to Vig's studio in Madison, WI, to record some tracks with the trio. The success of this tentative partnership soon blossomed into what would become Garbage, and Angelfish was effectively dissolved. ~ Steve Bekkala

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