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Springing from the mind of British kids' TV presenter Andy Day, Andy and the Odd Socks made a name for themselves with their quirky mix of fun songs, positive messages, and child-friendly humor, as heard on 2020's Who's in the Odd Socks? Formed in 2017 by longtime BBC kids' TV presenter Andy Day -- with his backing band the Odd Socks made up of drummer Moxy (Holly Mallett), guitarist Rio (Marcelo Cervone), and keyboard player Cousin Mac (Stewart McCheyne) -- Day set out to promote a message of diversity and confidence in children through music. Shortly after they formed, the band were invited by Emily Eavis to play at Glastonbury, with their infectious mix of fun songs and child-friendly humor drawing a huge crowd. That same year they released their debut album, Who Invited This Lot?, while also fronting a campaign for the British charity Anti-Bullying Alliance. It wasn't until 2020 that Day and the band returned, this time with their own TV show, the CBBC produced Andy and the Band, which continued to spread their message of goodwill and inclusion. A second album, Who's in the Odd Socks?, was released in 2020. ~ Rich Wilson

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