15 Songs, 52 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Gunmetal-Grey ,

Playful and inventive guitar where the song comes first

A tasteful and varied album with standout tracks such as 'The Last Kiss' and 'Slipping Away' that will remain in your head long after the album has finished playing. Sherwood knows when to play and when to hold back and let the song breathe, with charming melody lines and harmonies that draw you along. There's a sense of humour evident in tracks such as 'How YOU Doin?', without ever becoming throwaway. In a genre that nearly burnt itself out in the 80s, Sherwood manages to revitalise the guitar instrumental album by always putting the song first and only turning up the flames when required. Finely cooked, never overdone.

downatthebottomofthemolehole ,

How a guitar should sound

An album made in a living room. Doesn't sound like it does it?

Fans of Satriani, Vai and Moore will love this.

Well worth the money, I've had it stuck on repeat since I downloaded it.


Great collection of guitar based tracks

This album is a great example of what a guitar based instrumental album should be. It's not all about how fast you can play (although there are plenty of moments like that), but more about great melodies and catchy tunes. I've been listening to the album all morning and I'm still hearing new things, it's got several layers to most tracks.
Best 8 quid I have spent this month for sure.