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4 Ratings

Bread-makerO'Neill ,

Another flawless soundtrack from Sonic Team.

Sonic Unleashed was another step back for the game franchise. This game added on the Werehog feature which seemed to have split fans down the middle over whether or not it was any good. Personaly, it bored me, but the day stages moved the series two steps forward with fast gameplay and tight platforming.
Finally Sonic Team seemed to have nailed the way of 3D Sonic stages since they trailed off from Sonic Adventure 2, and they worked beautifully with the occasional 2D transition nodding to old-school gamers.

The music impressed just as much, which is something Sonic games never seem to fail at. Light-hearted, happy tones used in day stages with slower and layed-back tunes for the night ones. The orchestral pieces felt more of the quality of an epic sci-fi film than that of a game, and the stage sounds had the odd hint of the Sonic Adventure soundtrack in them.
Personal favourites include Endless Possibilities (which seems to have been removed from this digital version for some unknown reason), The World Adventure, Windmill Isle - Day and The Werehog Battle Theme.

This was a step in the right direction for Sonic Team, both in terms of gameplay and remembering that the music doesn't need to be serious all the time after Sonic The Hedgehog in 2006.

RATietjen ,

Fantastic, just missing one thing...

All three volumes of this soundtrack are just brilliant, all of the music from all of the levels and there's even the jingles and music from the gallery, a very detailed album. BUT that being said, why would people buy the jingles? Most people will skip them (there will be a minority that does buy them) but there's no point, they're are about 5 seconds long. Everything else is fine except one thing.

Endless Possibility.
Where is it? We've got Dear My Friend, the World Adventure and the Perfect Dark Gaia remix! So why is it the only song that isn't on here? It's definatly supposed to be on the album, but not the iTunes version. It just doesn't feel complete without it.

Anyway, overall, this is a good album. I just wanna see the Shadow the Hedgehog Soundtrack on here next! :)

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