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4 Ratings

Pnut_2000 ,

Sonic Wonderful World

Even though sonic lost world is one of the most polarising sonic games in the series, I can say that the soundtrack definitely lives up to the hedgehogs legacy.

With the returning artist from sonic unleashed, the variety of the music definitely shows the effort that was put into this soundtrack, with the catchy beat of windy hill zone to the smooth piano piece in tropical coast's grinding stage. The different instruments used also reflect the stages they are in with the sitars in desert ruins and the jingle bells in frozen factory.

Of corse you can hear some similarities to unleashed with desert ruins sounding like Shamar and windy hill zone sounding like rooftop run, but bringing over aspects from a great soundtrack to make an amazing soundtrack is ok in my book.

Over all even though sonic lost world is confused on what kind of game it wants to be, the soundtrack holds up tremendously throughout the entire experience.

Chaos ninja 2002 ,

Great selection of lost world songs

Amazing but sadly no crush 40 :(

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