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7 Ratings

Honorary Greek ,


I don't know what someone who's never heard the Pink Floyd music which this amazing young woman interprets here would make of it, but for someone like me, whose life has been lived to the background of all these tunes -this is truly beautiful.

A lot of "rock" music has had the "classical" treatment over the decades and with limited success in my view. Most of it has sounded like it was transcribed hurriedly to cash in on the "rock is really classical" trend of the seventies and eighties.

This collection, on the other hand, sounds like it was written as classical music (in this case for the piano) right off the bat. Apart from a couple of passages where the "mood" is augmented by electronic effects, the entire album is the sound of one piano. Quite how she manages to render even some of my favourite David Gilmour guitar solos into achingly moving delicate piano passages is to me simply breathtaking.

The entire first eight and as half minute (original version) section of "Shine on..." before the vocals kick in is one of the highlights here. How on earth she's managed to create all that goes on in the PF version on a piano keyboard is inspirational.

This collection, this suite, could be performed live to capacity audiences the world over and hopefully will be. This is music that will remain ad infinitum, and well it ought.

Listening to this one realizes, with some degree of amazement, just what incredibly beautiful melodies were created by a band that are recognized as one of the greatest creative musical outfits of the past forty-plus years.

Thank you Aysedeniz, you truly "rock!"

Moushu ,


I first saw Aysedeniz giving a live performance of this album on Youtube (go see!), and was absolutely captivated and entranced by the performance. An absolute masterpiece of interpretation, imagination and execution.
Aysedeniz is a concert pianist (and indeed was a “child prodigy”), but what she’s done here, in reimagining what Floyd songs would sound like if they’d been composed specifically by Franz Liszt is just inspired.
Every track works, including even a dalliance with “vocals” on “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”, with for me a high point being the beautiful and subtle reworking of “Shine on..”.
OK, I have to admit that I’m somewhat less happy with a somewhat laboured and ponderous opening on “Another Brick in the Wall”, but then she gets into her stride with subtle jazz overtones and all is well again - I’ll allow her 2 minutes of dodginess in the face of 50 minutes of the highest quality possible ;)
I agree with “Honorary Greek” that it would be interesting to find out what a non-Floydy would make of it, but if you know the original music, this is most definitely well worth a listen: bear in mind that it’s not a cash-in, nor a rip-off, but is in its own way a homage, a tribute, and above all an expression of love and appreciation from an immensely talented artist (oh, and apparently it’s been given the thumbs-up by the Floyd themselves!)

Mint rev ,


I was delighted and deeply moved by this short album. She clearly loves the music of Floyd as I do and magnifies the bits I like best - the heart trending chords of their best songs.
I came across the youtube of her concert and just had to have the album.
A triumph!

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