47 Songs, 2 Hours 32 Minutes


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Clean Lyrics

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241 Ratings



Didn’t buy the whole album because some of the songs aren’t my type, i got ransom lalala and better half of me. They were worth it definitely! BUT before you buy the album listen to all the songs instead of wasting you money! Have a great day :)

s nichols ,

Modern day crap

The only songs good on these NOW albums are the ‘80s throwback songs as all modern day music are simply crap! I feel so sorry for the people nowadays who’ve grown up with this kind of music and think that this is music (well it’s not music, it’s Muzak!). 1980s Music is remembered today as of for this modern day crap it will only be a 5 minute wonder!

Dec12er ,

Now That’s What I Call a Dying Breed

Must admit part of me would be saddened to see the end of the Now album given how it’s played a part in most people’s lives but surely in the age of streaming it no longer serves a purpose?

There are some decent tracks on here but, listen carefully enough, and you’ll realise they all pretty much sound the same.

What happened to the variety in our charts?