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4.8 out of 5
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220 Ratings

Charlie, Oxford ,

Blew my socks off.

When I heard Tony Coleman proclaim on the Hospital podcast that Netsky's album was due to be released on their label, I raced to the website and swiftly (pre-)ordered it. I had listened to a great deal of the Belgian's particular brand of dnb, and so could scarcely contain my impatience for the album's arrival at the end of May.

The CD arrived, and I slotted it into my PC with great excitement. After the tracks had been saved, I pressed play on 'Escape' and listened to the album from start to finish. At the beginning, I was a little sceptical - could such a hotly anticipated and advertised album live up to its hype? - but, a few minutes later, a grin began to spread across my face that refused to go away until the final bars of Pirate Bay (Porcelain not being on the disc). What a real pleasure it was.

Marks out of ten for each, I feel, would be inappropriate, as each complements others so well within the medium of the album that not even a 10/10 would evoke how great the overall vibe of the tunes truly is. However, I will concede that, for me, there were certain stand-out tracks:

Escape featuring Darrison
Iron Heart
Moving with You featuring Jenna G
Secret Agent
Mellow featuring Terri Pace
I Can't Hold It
Storm Clouds
Let's Leave Tomorrow featuring Bev Lee Harling
Rise and Shine
The Magic Russian Bottle
Endless Search
Lost Without You
and Pirate Bay. I hope you get the point. Buy every single tune. Buy the album. Buy the joy that is Netsky.

Jamie_Williamson ,


Netsky = God
Well worth the wait...

hetza ,


I never thought I would say that but this guy just might be the new High Contrast, or even better, truly amazing album

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