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4.7 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

fab208 ,

The Holy Trinity

It is a fact that Sparks released their three greatest albums during the Glam Rock period in the UK. Until now. They ploughed on through the remaining decades, always interesting, and since the 00's innovating most bands off the planet. And now? They have released The Very Best of Sparks only with brand new material. This is a truly unique band that should be celebrated far more than they are. This is a classic album already and has now nudged Indiscreet from the number 3 position it is that good. Stunning. Buy it. Then see them do it live.

Orangeworld ,


Incredible how they can write and produce an album so strong after all this time. A large chunk of this album is featured in their 2017 tour set, and deservedly so; this album oozes the quintessential Sparks vibe.

Penciltown ,

To the tune of "Guantanamera": "One Ron & Russell, there's only one Ron & Russell..."

With apologies for the poor grammar in the review title: in October of 1975 my best pal and I sat in the front row of the balcony in the (sadly now defunct) Edinburgh Odeon to see and hear Sparks on their "Indiscreet" tour. For the entire set we were at serious risk of being catapulted into the stalls below - thanks to the enthusiasm and energetic bouncing of the sold-out crowd the whole structure was bouncing up and down by an alarming distance in time to the music. Much of which - of course - was pretty fast, so.... 42 years later - how can it be that - even though you always know exactly who it is, the moment the needle hits the groove - you NEVER know quite what's in store when you get hold of a new Sparks album? That peculiar blend of familiarity and "WTF...??" never fails to inspire. Buy it. Listen to it. Hear something different every time you play it. Live with it. Trust me - if you're still alive and kicking in 42 years' time, you'll still be discovering new things in it. And laughing a lot too - at the sheer cussedness and uniqueness of it all. Bravo, brothers. Please don't stop.

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