18 Songs, 1 Hour 23 Minutes


Parental Advisory Explicit Content


Parental Advisory Explicit Content

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4.6 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

simonburge ,

So Worth the Wait!

Die hard Mansun fans desperate for new material won’t be disappointed with Draper’s maiden solo offering. Being self-described as the “main protagonist” in the 90’s Brit pop outfit, the distinct Draper/Mansun signature sound is present throughout this recording with many songs maintaining that unique identity they were famous for but taking it in a much-needed fresh and updated direction.

Although a very personal record with stories of betrayal and loss of trust (ironically in his former bandmates), the record essentially highlights how much of a talented and diverse song writer and producer he is. There’s upbeat moments, songs of desperation and anxiety, even the odd political reference for good measure but all in all, there’s some superb moments of pure Draper magic that only he can produce.

It takes a few listens to really get it but once it’s under your skin, it’s hard to shift.

Standout tracks are “Jealously Is a Powerful Emotion”, “You Don’t Really Know Someone” and “The Inner Wheel”, with the latter nostalgically feeling as close to a Mansun song as any other on this brilliant album.

rikv6 ,

True Genius

I’m a die hard Mansun fan, in honesty thought time had moved on for me when I first played a few tracks and my music taste had changed. However with gig tickets in my hand I dedicated some air time to whole album and now I know what drew me in in first place. Brilliant album from a true genius song composer. Jealousy, trousers, know someone are all powerful and if you stick the album out and get near the end “some things are better left unsaid” is a masterpiece and very moving. Individual enough to be not Mansun but still has a thread running throughout that you can’t deny. Love it, my whole adult life has been lived to Paul’s soundtrack and the new era is a welcome addition. Great gig at the waterfront too!

simonyounger ,

Top Notch!

I Always loved Mansun as they were ahead of every band at the time in all aspects and now some 14 or so years later Paul releases this masterpiece. From beginning to end it has so many genius touches and he has made sure he hasn't just sounded like Mansun did, but has done enough to have his own sound and enough for people to remember his Mansun years while listening to this. If y u haven't already gotten a copy then buy one, really looking forward to the tour!

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