Editors' Notes “This is a celebration of where we've come from and where we're going,” Posty explains to Apple Music. “We wanted to make our collaborations here more exciting than anything else. We tried to match up existing legends with others that we know will have bright futures. But ultimately we decided on the list by matching up people you wouldn't necessarily expect.” As CEO of online music platform GRM Daily, Posty has helped to orchestrate the direction of traffic within the most breathlessly sprawling arenas of underground UK music. From its London base, GRM Daily has helped amplify voices in communities across the UK and the world over—and a decade after its launch in 2010, boasts a label and annual awards ceremony. Proving itself as the foremost hunting ground for grime and rap talent, names including D-Block Europe, Fredo, NSG and Krept & Konan have blazed a path for themselves through the platform in a golden age for black music in the UK. “It took us seven years to get 100,000 subscribers, and three years to get 3,000,000 subscribers,” Posty says. “I just tell the artist my idea and they trust me—then we go from there. I really enjoy the music creation process.” In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Posty has hand-picked and executively produced a compilation of dream collabs. Here are his stories behind the tracks.

Moving Naughty (feat. Aitch & B Young)
“This is something for the ladies. Obviously B Young speaks to the ladies all the time but Aitch hasn't done something for the ladies in 2020 so far, so this is the sexy track, you know? When I first met Aitch I thought he was hard. He's a really talented rapper. And it's the same with B Young. He really got my attention when he dropped 'Jumanji', which is in our top five most viewed videos—all of the artists on the album here have a GRM story. It’s not really a collaboration you'd expect. I don't think anybody would think to put B Young with Aitch. We try and push the boundaries.”

Burning (feat. M Huncho & Dutchavelli)
“This was produced by QuincyTellEm and it took about two hours to get done, literally. There was just a lot of chemistry in the studio. It was the last track we made for the album, maybe two weeks before release. Dutchavelli is positioning himself at the moment to be one of the most exciting rappers in the game. It’s because he's technically such a sick rapper—plus, he can do drill and he's very authentic.”

Double Trouble (feat. Unknown T & D Double E)
“I came up with the idea for this one when I met Unknown T for the first time. I was around him for a little while and his aura reminded me of D Double E's aura. I always felt they were similar, more in terms of how they carry themselves and that's how we came to put them together. I feel like this one will be the one to surprise people the most, collaboration-wise. D Double E's ad-libs and stuff are just so iconic, it's like he sounds so great on a drill beat. It's like he's been doing drill for years, but he still sounds exactly like D Double E, you know?"

Ended Up (feat. Fredo)
“I’ll be honest here. I was trying to get someone legendary on this with Fredo but they didn't come back in time. That's the reason. It would have gone crazy if I got them on here! That would have shut down. He liked the song—was going to let me know if he could do it, but there's been so much going on in the world it's difficult to get things done in the time we had. It's a solid Fredo track. And he's a big part of the GRM legacy, so we had to have him on the album.”

Faith In My Killy (feat. Nafe Smallz, Yxng Bane, Blade Brown and Skrapz)
“This one is my favourite. Yxng Bane and Nafe bring that new wave sound, while Blade and Skrapz come with that hardcore rap. It’s a bit like best of both worlds for this one. It’s too many people to get together right now, so obviously we had everybody record their verses separately. I think Nafe went first, then Blade, Skrapz and Yxng Bane. This was also the longest track to finish, for a bunch of reasons. There were two more rappers on the track and we couldn’t get the clearance from their labels. Sometimes it all gets a bit technical for people’s schedules.”

Peter Crouch (feat. M24)
“With drill music, what you need to understand is that the new music of the youth is always going to be there to stay and hold its own. Because music—especially rap culture—is always controlled by the youth and what they're into. If they're into it, the music will hold and it'll stay. M24 is another great artist making leaps on the channel.”

NBA (feat. Ghetts & RV)
“Another one of my favourites, because Ghetts just goes crazy. It's a really, really sick track. I think Ghetts and RV were already long-time fans of each other so it wasn't too hard to get them together for this. It was easy. I'm really proud of this one. It's got a great sound to it and they have good chemistry.”

Ying & Yang (feat. Chip & Deno)
“Both Chip and Deno were are fans of one another. They had already spoken to each other, they kinda had a rapport already, but just had never recorded together. So I feel like something was always there and it was just about aligning them to get it done. I really like this one, because it’s a song that means something. It has a real message and on an album that’s quite hardcore; I feel like it provides a bit of peace.”

Amiri & Lamborghini (feat. Hardy Caprio & Lotto Ash)
“This was the very first track we wrapped up for the album. Three hours and this track was done. That was it. Hardy and Ash were friends with each other as well. So when we got them in a studio together they were able to put things down real fast—[UK producer] JT made this one on the spot with Hardy. Immediately it’s done Hardy starts rapping and going in and Ash joins in singing. Pretty soon the song was complete.”

Cash Train (feat. Not3s & Blade Brown)
“I did a song called ‘YRF’ with Fredo and Not3s about three years ago, and I just wanted to pair Not3s up with another hard, trap-star rapper. Along with Fredo, Blade is one of my favourites rappers, so I put them two together and came up with ‘Cash Train’. And this was the first single, the track that started this journey. The key to getting this done was teamwork—that and also everyone loving their roles. Once they love what they do and they're passionate about it, after that, it's an easier ride.”


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