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310 Ratings

Hugillian machine ,

Oh dear

The song is quite bouncy, the guy doesn't have a bad voice, but it is sad to say that people are being practically forcefed this music since it is played heavily on the radio. I mean the lyrics aren't as bad as "i wet my pants whilst flying over france" as in Busted's air hostess, but lyrics such as "doing my first crime" and "they get you suicidal" i find to be quite laughable, and I feel more intelligent lyrics should have been used, and the addition of strings at part of the song seemed intrusive, and don't belong in this "rap" tune, and I have heard better, since I would never believe he has wrote and developed this himself, unlike genius lyrics from guys like Kanye West, whom I would rather place my money with, since I wouldn't be ashamed of listening to and admitting to owning his songs. Many will probably disagree saying this song is proper "banging", but the only banging to do is my head against the wall because the lyrics are very apt, the tune is starting me to feel suicidal.

loziii ,

Sean Kingston

i think that this song is totally crap

Mitch.91 ,


i think this song is great but lots of people are putting it down cos of its lyrics. they actually have a meaning. if you look up this song on wikipedia you would see the song is about a girl who he fell in love with and broke his heart and that is why he uses the lyrics "she had me suicidal" cos he was so upset look the song up and find out what it really means.

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