Editors' Notes For Maisie Peters, lockdown provided a return to nature—one which feeds into this exclusive At Home With Session. “I moved back to my family home in the middle of the countryside and was going on lots of walks around the local woods and castles,” the Sussex singer-songwriter tells Apple Music. “I chose these songs because I felt like they all had untapped potential to be heard and felt and understood in a new way,” she says. “I wanted to make all the recording reflect that almost old-fashioned, fairytale, earthy, back-to-basics vibe that I was living in my daily life.” Even without those long strolls, the natural world would inevitably have seeped into a recording made in Peters’ childhood bedroom—at a desk that last saw such diligence and industry when she was revising for her A-levels. “I definitely put a blanket over my head at some point, especially because the birds were tweeting so loudly that it was impossible to not hear them,” she says. “Hence why in all the tracks, I’m pretty sure you can always very faintly hear birdsong!”

While lockdown has given Peters the opportunity to pen 40 new songs, not being able to play live has been tough. “Sounds funny,” she says, “but one of the little things I miss is warming up backstage with my band. Me and my keys player used to try and sing ‘MONOPOLY’ by Ariana Grande [and Victoria Monét] every night before we went on stage, and I can’t hear that song anymore and not wish with all my heart to be in some shitty backstage dressing room prancing about with her.”

The List (Apple Music At Home With Session)
Blinding Lights (Apple Music At Home With Session)
Daydreams (Apple Music At Home With Session)

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