17 Songs, 57 Minutes


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4.0 out of 5
88 Ratings

88 Ratings

Clare22 ,

Great album but......

Why aren't the songs available seperate? I only really want four songs from the album but I'd have to buy the whole thing just to get them! Not fair! If I wanted the whole album I'd go to HMV and buy a copy!

Coolsays77 ,


PLEASE make each song seperate to buy because you'll get more money because people only want one or two songs and I only want in the dark of the night and journy to the past. Also with how much your charging people would be better off buying the movie. I'm not buying the whole album I will only buy those two songs when their sold seperatly. Please keep in mind I have been waiting for these songs to come out for ages.

D4rk Shadow ,


don't get me wrong, great music but i only want to buy 2 tracks not the album. please i'tunes change it to buying tracks singlely

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