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About Ciaran Lavery

Irish singer/songwriter Ciaran Lavery works in a hushed, atmospheric tone pairing earthy acoustic songcraft with subtle experimental elements. A native of the small Antrim village of Aghagallon, Lavery made a splash first with his self-released 2013 debut, Not Nearly Dark, and then with his follow-up EP, Kosher; combined, the two releases notched millions of streams in 2014 alone. Sea Legs, a collaborative mini-album with electronic artist Ryan Vail, followed in 2015, further increasing Lavery's exposure. After a successful summer playing the U.K., Irish, and European festival circuit, he inked a deal with Believe Recordings, which released his sophomore LP, Let Bad In, in 2016. Another breakthrough in Lavery's career, the album won the Northern Ireland Music Prize. Following a 2017 concert album, Lavery debuted "Everything Is Made to Last," the first single from his third album, 2018's Sweet Decay. A second single, "To Chicago," appeared in March 2018. ~ Timothy Monger

Aghagallon, County Antrim

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