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About Olga Guillot

Latin Grammy winner (among many other awards) Olga Guillot became one of the most popular performers of Cuban bolero during the '50s. After moving to Havana from her native Santiago de Cuba, she joined her sister in Dúo Hermanitas Guillot, debuting on a radio show called La Corte Suprema del Arte (The Supreme Court of Art). Later, she studied music and joined a foursome, called Siboney, making her debut as a solo artist in 1945 while singing at Havana's Zombie Club. In 1946, her fame reached the U.S. after recording a Spanish version of "Stormy Weather." She got the opportunity to make her first record in 1954 after signing to an independent label and released "Miénteme," composed by Mexican Chamaco Domínguez. During Guillot's subsequent recording career, many of her records achieved gold or platinum status. On October 31, 1964, she became the first Latin artist to perform at New York's Carnegie Hall. Olga Guillot died at a hospital in Miami Beach, FL, on July 12, 2010 at the age of 87. ~ Drago Bonacich

Santiago, Cuba
9 Oct 1922

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