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About Los Super Elegantes

Los Super Elegantes crashed onto the Los Angeles scene with their unique blend of disparate American pop styles and Latino accents in 1995. Comprised of Martiniano Lopez-Crozet and Milena Muzquiz, the group has integrated improvised theatrical vignettes with original compositions to create standout live performances. Muzquiz (originally from Tijuana) and Lopez-Crozet (from Bueno Aires) met in 1992 while studying art in San Francisco. Through mutual friends they met Michael Clegg and Martin Guttmann, with whom they began exploring anarchic performance art. The four created a loose affiliation called the Creative Community Seriously I Swear (CCSIS), which began exploring original performance art by shooting movies at their parties, documenting the wild and derelict lifestyles of their art student friends. Working from this foundation, Lopez-Crozet and Muzquiz formed Los Super Elegantes in 1995. The duo has performed internationally at art festivals in Europe and the Americas. Their debut record, Channelizing Paradise, was released in 2002 and has garnered the attention of both edgy art and creative music fans. Though not breaking any sales records, the group's recording debut received positive press coverage and great critical acclaim. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Los Angeles, CA

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