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About Las Hermanas Segovia

Although las Hermanas Segovia were a duo sister act, there were, in fact, three sisters named Segovia who recorded as part of the group in the 1950s. Originally the members were Aurelia Segovia and Sara Segovia, who started to record in the norteño style for the Ideal label in Texas in 1949. In 1953, after moving to the Falcon label, Aurelia Segovia began working in a duet with Marcelo Garcia, leaving las Hermanas Segovia the following year, to be replaced by sister Lucita Segovia. Sara and Lucita made some further recordings under the las Hermanas Segovia name for Falcon, and Aurelia Segovia also did some solo recording under the name Aurelia Maria, as well as doing an album of duets with singer-actress Rosita Fernandez.
A dozen of las Hermanas Segovia's 1950s recordings for Ideal and Falcon were reissued by Arhoolie on the Punaladas de Amor CD. While most of these are quite typical mid-20th century close harmony rancheras, some sides also bear some welcome outside influences from rhumba and jazz, as well as guitar and jazzy brass accompaniment that strays outside the norteño norm. ~ Richie Unterberger