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About Albert Pla

When it seemed the young professional swimmer would become a sports champion, Albert Plá changed his mind, picked his guitar, and began composing. After winning a songwriters festival, the artist recorded his first Basque album in 1989, called Ho Sento Molt. The singer's first Castilian album was released in 1992 by BMG, it was called No Solo De Rumba Vive El Hombre. In addition, Albert Plá started acting, participating in a play called Curacuero, along with Marisol Galdón, in the movie Airbag, and made an important contribution to the soundtrack of El Dia De la Bestia and Pedro Almodóvar's Carne Trémula. After his album Veintegenarios was rejected due to a controversial song about a relationship with a terrorist, a live record called Veintegenarios en Alburquerque was issued in 1997. ~ Drago Bonacich

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