The Brilliant Corners
The Brilliant Corners

The Brilliant Corners

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The Brilliant Corners were one of many British jangle pop acts in the '80s that never managed to corral a mainstream audience. It wasn't for a lack of trying, either. The Brilliant Corners injected many of their early records with finger-snapping hooks, but they were mainly applauded by a cult of devotees. The Brilliant Corners were formed by David Woodward (vocals, guitars), Chris Calvin (bass), and Bob Morris (drums) in Bristol, England, in 1984. The group released their first album, Growing up Absurd, on SS20 Records in September 1985. In 1988, the Brilliant Corners released their most critically acclaimed LP, Somebody up There Likes Me, on McQueen Records. Despite hummable tunes such as "Brian Rix" and "Your Feet Never Touch the Ground," the Brilliant Corners were denied a commercial breakthrough. In 1990, the band veered from its buoyant mix of jangling guitars and trumpet for the album Hooked, instead directing its sound toward the shoegazer movement. The record disappointed many of the Brilliant Corners' fans with its creative shift. The group returned to their original formula on A History of White Trash in 1993; however, it was their last album as the Brilliant Corners called it quits. Woodward later joined Experimental Pop Band. ~ Michael Sutton

    Bristol, England

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