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Jazz clarinetist/singer Monty Sunshine was born in England in 1928, and although he would go on to become a solo recording artist, first got his start as part of such bands as the Crane River Jazz Band and the Chris Barber Band. Come 1960, Sunshine decided to strike out on his own, forming Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band, which included trumpeter Rod Mason, ex-Barber banjoist/guitarist Dickie Bishop, vocalist Beryl Bryden, pianist Johnny Parker, trombonist Geoff Sowden, bassist Gerry Salisbury (who also doubled on trumpet), and drummer Nick Nicholls. The early '60s saw Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band tour regularly to support such albums as Black Moonlight and Sunshine, as the group kept going (with a few lineup adjustments along the way) right up to the 21st century. In 1994, Sunshine rejoined the Chris Barber Band for the Barber Jubilee Tour, before returning back to his own band. Further solo releases soon followed, including 1998's Live at the BP Studienhaus, plus a pair of albums in 2000, Gotta Travel On and South.

    London, England
  • BORN
    08 April 1928

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