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About Clara Sandroni

Discovered by Milton Nascimento, Clara Sandroni has worked with Al Di Meola, Paulo Moura, Nascimento, and other artists, also developing her solo career with six albums recorded through 2001. She started in music in 1981, in a duo with her brother Carlos Sandroni. At the same time she participated in the Terças e Quintas group and in the Olhos nos Olhos choir. In 1982 she participated in the musical Godspell. Her first show, Bem Baixinho, opened the next year in Rio de Janeiro and then in São Paulo. Her first individual album, Clara Sandroni, came in 1984. Making regular rounds in several theaters, her most important participations in that period are the performances at the Circo Voador in 1985. With Joyce and Carlos Sandroni, Clara Sandroni travelled to and performed in Cuba. With Milton Nascimento, she recorded "A Primeira Estrela" on his album Encontros e Despedidas. In 1986 she participated in the Projeto Pixinguinha with Joyce. With Olívia Byington and Cida Moreira she interpreted the musical Três Garotas no Ipanema at the Teatro Ipanema (Rio), and opened for Cazuza in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil, in the Coluna Voadora project.

In 1987 she recorded in New York with Al Di Meola and opened for the project Elas no Jazzmania, also participating in the recording of the soundtrack for the film Sonho de Valsa (starring Ana Carolina). That same year she was awarded by the APCA (Association of Art Critics of São Paulo) as the Best Singer of 1987. In 1988 Sandroni performed in the Terceiro Taller de Música Popular Latino-Americana (Bogotá, Colombia). She also produced and performed in the project Encontros com a Nova Música dos Anos 80 at the Parque da Catacumba. In the next year she toured Brazil with Milton Nascimento and Paulo Moura, in the project Basf Chrome Music. In 1989 she participated in the BBC video One World, One Voice. In 1991 she opened for Milton Nascimento in Friburgo, Rio, also performing around Rio and Curitiba, Paraná, in Brazil. In 1992 she participated in Milton Nascimento's show at the Pedreira Paulo Leminski in Curitiba, Paraná, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Amnesty International. In the same year, Clara Sandroni performed in Paris, France, at the New Morning jazz club, followed by other performances in France. Three years later, she performed at the Café Concerto La Mainate, at Le Corbusier Maison de Suisse, France, and at the Piano Bar Fiap Jean Monet, again in Paris. In Brazil, Sandroni has participated intensively in solo projects, also taking part in sessions with Keiko Takeda in Japan and Daniel Tochtermann in Germany. ~ Alvaro Neder