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Formed in Berlin, Germany in 1987, the Caspar Brötzmann Massaker was a vehicle for its nominal leader, an acclaimed guitar virtuoso (as well as the son of saxophonist Peter Brötzmann) whose intense work summoned the spirit and power of traditions ranging from heavy metal to free jazz. A trio also comprised of bassist Eduardo Delgado Lopez and drummer Danny Arnold Lommen, the Massaker debuted in 1987 with The Tribe, a showcase for Brötzmann's dive-bombing guitar work and ominous vocals. With 1992's Der Abend der Schwarzen Folklore, the trio broadened its structural and rhythmic horizons over the course of four epic tracks ranging in sound from throbbing metal to blues; the following year's Koksofen continued the group's advancement, but only 1995's Home earned any significant mainstream attention. The live effort Zulutime was released in 1996. Mute Massaker followed four years later. ~ Jason Ankeny

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