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Voice Male started singing in the Fall of 1994 as a nine-man outfit, all members at one time or another in the New Horizons Choir at the Logan LDS Institute of Religion adjacent to Utah State University. In the fall of 1996 they wound down to six and trimmed down the gigs to mainly birthday parties and corporate conferences, though they have never had a problem filling large venues on their own. The six are now scattered throughout northern Utah but can't seem to hang it up completely, which is good news for their thousands of fans in the region. While not as concerned with critical acclaim as other a cappella groups, they have managed to keep a steady fan base and improve their arrangements along the way. Their version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, for instance, has been used by a number of other groups including Track One. For listeners unfamiliar with contemporary a cappella, the group supplies every sound including the drums. John Luthy provides the group's vocal percussion and occasionally sings bass. Mile Wilson also sings bass, and the rest of the harmonies are supplied by Richard McAllister, Mike Bearden, John Huff and Phil Kesler. ~ Voice Male started singing