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About Misty In Roots

With the gutsy lead vocals and songwriting of Delbert "Ngoni" Tyson and the trumpet playing and vocals of his brother, Wolford "Porko" Tyson, leading the way, Misty in Roots has brought the music of Africa to the United Kingdom. Misty in Roots was formed by the three Tyson brothers, including Duxie Tyson, who died in a swimming accident, as the backup band for Jamaica-born vocalist Nicky Thomas. Leaving Thomas in 1978, the group established itself as one of England's best young live acts with their debut album, Live at the Counter Eurovision. Initially rooted in Jamaican reggae, Misty in Roots has increasingly shifted its focus to the influence of African music. In 1982, the group spent nine months in Zambia. Five years later, they spent an extended period in West Africa. Concern for the environment has been an ongoing inspiration. In 1983, Misty in Roots performed the soundtrack for Earth, a musical documentary examining the effect humans have had on the planet. 1989 saw their last album from this period, Forward, followed by a few years of inactivity.

Around the turn of the century, almost ten years later, the band again began to stir and started playing live shows again.

In 2002 they released their reunion album, Roots Controller. ~ Craig Harris