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About Michael Falch

Born in Paarl, Denmark, on September 16, 1956, Michael Ehlert Falch would go on to become one of his country's biggest and most well-loved pop stars, first with the band Malurt -- which Falch formed in the mid-'70s with Peter Mors -- and then as a successful solo artist, actor, and author. With Malurt, Falch scored his first of many hits in the early '80s with the album Vindueskigger. The success brought about his first acting gig, in 1983, but Malurt's days were numbered, and the group was effectively over by the end of 1984. Falch released his debut solo album in 1985 -- entitled Michael Falch -- and went on to release more than ten full-lengths over the next two decades. In addition, Falch acted in four more films, wrote a pair of books, and collaborated with Pete Repete in 1990. That same year, Falch and Malurt made a reappearance at the Roskilde Festival. Success was not far from Falch's radar, and in 2008 he could be found -- with full-length platter Sang Til Undren -- in the Top Ten of Denmark's album charts. ~ Chris True