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About Lars Lilholt

The namesake of the Lars Lilholt Band, this Danish songwriter, bandleader, and singer has been playing to packed houses and selling millions of albums since 1982. In their 25-plus year career, the Lars Lilholt Band has released more than 15 albums, some live, some instrumental, but all big sellers. In addition to being Danish recording stars, the Lilholt Band -- whose roster has included Lars Lilholt on vocals, guitars, and violin; Kristian Lilholt on keyboards, guitars, and co-composer credit with brother Lars; Gets Vincent on guitars; Tom Bilde on bass and trombone; Trine Lilholt on flute and keyboards; and Klaus Thrane on drums -- have had a full yearly performance schedule, playing at least 50 shows a year to tens of thousands of fans. As with the majority of their work, the Lars Lilholt Band's 2008 release, Smukkere Med Tiden, was a chart-topping full-length that year. ~ Chris True