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About Dave Clarke

One of the most respected (and idiosyncratic) techno DJs and producers in the '90s, Dave Clarke began his music career as a hip-hop DJ in the mid-'80s, shifting to acid house and later rave near the end of the decade. He began recording for Stress (as Pig City) in the early '90s and appeared on R&S, XL, and his own Magnetic North Records. By the mid-'90s, he had gradually shifted away from rave to a brand of straight-ahead techno with the ferocity of hardcore yet the sublime feelings of classic Detroit techno. A series of three singles named "Red" gained fame during 1995-1996 (the last went Top 40 in the U.K.), as did his ferocious DJ sets. Demagnetized, a compilation of his earlier material on Magnetic North (with additional tracks from Cristian Vogel, DJ Hell, and others), was released in 1995. Clarke's phenomenal album debut, Archive One, appeared in a year later on Deconstruction. Clarke also mixed two volumes of the crucial electro compilation series Electro Boogie for Studio !K7. A handful of other mixes followed, including two volumes of World Service, which were issued before and after the 2003 studio album Devil's Advocate. The two-disc compilation Remixes and Rarities: 1992-2005 came out in early 2007. In the years that followed Clarke kept a relatively low production profile, although he spent ample time maintaining his radio DJ presence. When he did enter his Amsterdam-based studio, he continued to craft some exceptional remixes. Many of them were collated in 2016 for the Charcoal Eyes remix compilation. Later the same year, Clarke was involved in a road accident in Serbia; he did not receive any major injuries but the crash informed the sound of his 2017 album, Desecration of Desire, which featured guests such as Mark Lanegan and Anika lending their vocals to a pensive, post-punk-inspired record. ~ John Bush

Brighton, Sussex, England

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