Shes a Guillotine
Do I Have Your Attention?
Night of the Nihilist
I Couldn't Love You (feat. Nathaniel Fregoso)
P.S. I Love You But I Don't Miss You
Dolores Delivers a Glorious Death
Do I Have Your Attention?
Pen Dragon
The Killer At Large
Introducing Randy Newman
Friends for Now
Temporary Woman
The Creditors
All My Love Songs
Starved of Affection
Don't Let Him Break Your Heart
Forever Is Strange
Wrong Side of the Law
Oh Ali Bell!
Happy Hour
Infinite Nights
Sex Fiend
Let Me Be Your Guide
Another Stop Along the Way
Memento Mori
Mr. Toad
Baby We're Out Tonight
Rabbit Jumper
Late Night Sordid Love Affair
Nachtbus 5AM
Good Time Together
Ugly Memories
What Kind of Animal R U?
Was für ein Animal bist Du?
What Kind of Animal R U? (David Alexander Remix) [feat. David Alexander]
What Kind of Animal R U? (Roman Remix) [feat. Roman]
Matters of the Heart
Good Days Are Gone, Pt. I
Good Days Are Gone, Pt. II
Midnight Moan
Land of a Thousand Chances
All My Love Songs
Epileptic Shock
Dolor Fuerte
Losing Control
Elke's Studio
White Trash
Techno Kitchen
Weird in L.A.
Rest Energy 1980
Yukio Mishima Suicide
Up the Bunker
Kirchner in the Mountains
Pretty Out There
Savage Dance
Something Wicked
We Want You
Planet Tyskie
Don't You Want Me
Don't You Want Me (Instrumental)
Et le reste
Union Station