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Mit den Worten des:der Künstler:in: Beschreibe eine deiner frühesten musikalischen Erinnerungen im Detail. We started out having jam sessions late at night. At this time only music mattered to us. It was a fun and magical time. We were just kids enjoying making music. We'll never forget this vibe. Was sind deine 3 absoluten Lieblingsalben bei Apple Music und warum? Warum hast du dich gerade für diese drei Alben entschieden? Architects, Lost Forever / Lost Together Invent Animate, Heavener Metallica, ...And Justice for All (Remastered) Metallica was one of the first bands that got us into heavy music. The progressive approach on this record is outstanding. Architects were a major influence for us and drove us into the metalcore direction. Invent Animate inspires us with their style Suche bei Apple Music nach einem deiner eigenen Titel, den du liebst. Erzähle uns, was ihn besonders macht. Lass uns wissen, warum du diesen Titel ausgewählt hast. “Your Cold Hands” This is one of our most personal songs to date. It deals with toxic emotions reflected in the technical musical structure of the song. It is offering a unique and captivating atmosphere and weaving a narrative through from start to finish. Was ist einer der denkwürdigsten Momente in deiner bisherigen Karriere? Playing our first tour in Germany is something we'll always remember. Driving across the country with your best friends and playing music is simply a great thing to do as a musician. Gibt es irgendetwas, das du/ihr als Künstler:in oder Band noch auf deiner/eurer Wunschliste hast/habt? One day we want to stand on a big stage and play for all of you. Your support got us so far and we are forever thankful for that!

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