Jean-Paul Bourelly - Top-Titel

Guitar (feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly)
Understand the Power
Thursday's a Maybe
Rumble Up That Jungle
Welfare Flower Child
Funkatrail Line
The 'Ole Bump N' Flow
Bright Monkey
Rainbow Trail
Trumpet Up Charges
Howlin' Wolf
If 6 Was 9
Rock The Black Triumvirate
Ju C
Sack and Motors
Buddhas Delight
Groove On
Alma's Theme
Power to Spirit
Aqua Blu
Night Work Otherwise
Song Of Allah
Manic Depression
Indigo Soon
(Gotta HAve) Soul
Travellin' Across The Land
Machine Gun Suite
The Radiance of Pure Reality
Gumbe Pauschal
Dinner Party Music
Truth to Power
Electric Ladyland
Sleepin' On The Giant