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About Gérard Darmon

Born in Paris (1948), comedic actor Gérard Darmon gave up his studies after primary school in order to work in the theater. Demonstrating immense talent as a performer, Darmon worked with a theater workshop in Paris, where he would stay until his early twenties. Darmon made his film debut in 1973 in the picture The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. Climbing his way up from supporting roles to seeing his own face on the movie posters, Darmon became an important figure in French comedy in the early '80s. Over the years Darmon became a favorite, endearing himself to French-speaking audiences the whole world over with his wit and natural charm onscreen. In 2003 Darmon made his recording debut with the album Au Milieu de la Nuit, followed three years later by the whimsical international success Dancing. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez