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About Conjunto Bernal

Conjunto Bernal was one of the most influential groups in the history of the Conjunto or Tejano music, the high-spirited music of the Texas and Mexico border towns. Originally known as Los Hermanitos Bernal, Conjunto Bernal inspired such groups as Los Lobos and the Blazers.

Conjunto Bernal represented the joint efforts of bajo sexto player and vocalist Eloy Bernal and his younger brother, Paulino, who played accordion and sang. As youngsters, the two brothers traveled from bar to bar playing music to raise money for their large family. In the late '60s, the Bernal brothers became born-again Christians and switched to gospel music. Eloy Bernal became one of the best known Spanish gospel singers.

Eloy Bernal was killed in Decembr 1998 when his bus overturned outisde of Corpus Christi, Texas. His son and daughter were also injured in the accident. Paulino Bernal was a guest vocalist at his brother's funeral. A video of a Conjunto Bernal performance, Golondrina, was released by Eagle Video in 1996. ~ Craig Harris

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