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2 Bewertungen

Goozar12 ,

King Shabaka and the boys did it again

Allright, you disbelievers in the music form of jazz, which rarely even gets a review these days, which may have less than stellar sales figures, which is deemed too heady or intellectual , dig this: these 3 blokes here (and with them, the Sons of Kemet) put more power in one record than any of todays chart heros will ever be able to achieve in a fricking lifetime. Shabaka Hutchings blows a horn like no other since Sun Ra, Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane or the other greats of sax jazz. Danalogue and Betamax push the beats and tweak the frequencies.

But fear not, young adept, you don’t need to understand modal scales or harmolodic concepts to enjoy this. This is pure energy you can even dance or freak out to.

The revolution will not be televized but you can listen to it. Crank up the volume and treat yourself to the raw pleasure of this Comet.

“The vibes, Willard, the vibes” ( Colonel Kurtz‘s last word while listening,to this record)

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