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About Fabio Orsi

Fabio Orsi is an Italian electronica producer with an ambient style that draws from field recordings, atmospheric drones, and live instrumentation. Born in Carosino, Taranto, Italy, he cites the field recordings of American folklorist Alan Lomax as a primary influence. Orsi made his full-length solo album debut with Osci (2005) on the Small Voices label. In 2007 he released his second full-length, Find Electronica, on the A Silent Place label and collaborated with veteran Italian electro-acoustic composer Gianluca Becuzzi on a trio of albums, Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines, The Stones Know Everything, and Wild Flowers Under the Sofa. Successive full-length collaborations with Becuzzi include the albums Sound Postcards (2008) and So Far (2009). Orsi collaborated with several others as well, most notably Italian saxophonist Valerio Cosi on the albums We Could for Hours (2008) and Thoughts Melt in the Air (2009). In the meantime, Orsi released a bunch of limited-edition CD-R mini-albums along with proper full-length solo albums such as Audio for Lovers (2008) and Winterreise (2010). ~ Jason Birchmeier

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